About us

Via Molina was founded in 2018 by mill organizations in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. Via Molina wants to make mill routes accessible to the public throughout Europe. We hope to join the Cultural route of the Council of Europe soon. See the website Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.

The Via Molina offers beautiful and interesting routes in various European countries to view or visit those ingenious mills. The routes often take you through beautiful landscapes and leads you to hidden mill spots.

These places were chosen for specific reasons. Humans adapted to the landscape, but also cultivated the landscape for their own use. Mills are located in logical places, such as hilltops with free windage, alongside meandering rivers and streams or within cities, close to source and process locations of raw materials.

On this website you will find walking, cycling and car routes in various European countries along the mills that were once the most important tool of our ancestors. Via Molina hopes to expand further in the coming years with other mill organizations from all over Europe.

In this project we work together with The International Molinological Society (TIMS). TIMS is the only Society which fosters worldwide interest and understanding of wind, water and animal-driven mills.

The Society encourages research and promotes all aspects of molinology as well as the restoration of mills. It works closely with national mills societies and organizations. It also campaigns at regional and government level to encourage the preservation of important historical mills and mill-sites.

TIMS has around 500 members in over 30 countries. Members of TIMS are for example The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark.

Via Molina offers mill organizations an ideas bank to exchange knowledge with each other. Consider, for example, the exchange of educational materials. Various products can be downloaded below.

Coloring page Scaffolding mill

Coloring page Watermill

Building board Windmill

Building board Watermill

Via Molina is registered in Germany, however you can contact the mill organization in your country if you have any questions. Send an email to info@viamolina.eu. Your mail will then be forwarded to the mill organization in your own country.