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Gelderland and Utrecht

Windmill cycle route Southeast Utrecht and the Betuwe

Start WIjk bij Duurstede
End Wijk bij Duurstede

This route takes you past 8 mills in the Betuwe and the southeastern part of the province of Utrecht. It can be started at any mill. With minor adjustments, the route can also be driven by car or motorcycle. You drive through a beautiful area known for fruit growing. In mid-April, this region with the blossom is literally in bloom. The places Elst and Amerongen were known for the tobacco cultivation. There is even a tobacco museum in Amerongen.

The river landscape is very varied. Wijk bij Duurstede, Buren, Zoelen and Amerongen are protected city and village views. Almost all mills are in use on a weekly basis. Flour can be bought in many places.

7 August 2020 11:32

Route map Molenfietsroute Zuidoost Utrecht en de Betuwe

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Rijn en Lek

Dijkstraat 29, 3961 AA Wijk bij Duurstede
Open Saturday 13-16 and by appointment


De Hoop

Molenweg 1, 4023 AN Rijswijk
Open first Saturday morning of the month


De Prins van Oranje

Molenwal 7, 4116 BW Buren
Open Sunday 13-17


De Korenbloem

Molenstraat 2, 4011 EL Zoelen
Open Saturday 10-16


De Beijenkorf

Molenstraat 22, 4021 GD Maurik
Not open to the public


Op Hoop van Beter

Kerkpad 7, 4031 MA Ingen
Open Friday and Saturday 9-17


‘t Wissel

De Oude Weg 8, 3922 GB Elst
Open Saturday 10-16



Molenstraat 17. 3958 BW Amerongen
Open Tuesday 10-12.30 and 14-16; Thursday 10-12 and 13-16; Saturday 10-16


De Graanschuur

Dijkstraat 29, 3961 AA Wijk bij Duurstede


De Baron van Buren

Herenstraat 2, 4116 BK Buren


Herberg De Zoelensche Brug

Achterstraat 2, 4011 AP Zoelen


’t Pannekoekhuis Sturms

Elsterstraatweg 13, 3922 GD Elst